About Us

nice to meet you.

I'm Lisa,

Unique, quilted handbags & accessories

We select, coordinate and quilt our own fabrics for our handbags, wallets and accessories.

Stylish, Matching dog collars & leashes

We also design and sew a line of dog products that are colorful and comfortable for your pet.

Meet Our Team


My husband, is also very involved in the business. After retiring from the corporate world in 2009, he is now helping me full time. He cuts out pieces, puts on snaps, grommets & tags. He does a lot of the loading and unloading before and after each show. 


Our younger daughter, began sewing when she was 9 years old. With some direction and my old sewing machine she was good to go. Melanie received her Bachelor’s degree in apparel manufacturing. Melanie enjoys sewing and designing new products. She also helps with our website.

Handmade in the U.S.A.

When we say small, family business, that's just what we are.  We create and sew all of our fabric products.  We even quilt our own fabric!  We do sometimes have a few items that we purchase and sell or personalize.  But those are usually the exception. 

We pride ourselves on making high quality items.